Sheep in Snow

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Stacey Moore's artwork, titled 'Sheep in Snow,' depicts a charming winter scene. In the foreground, sheep gather, patiently awaiting their feeding. Beyond them, the snowy expanse of the Hawes Yorkshire Dales unfolds, revealing the iconic St. Margaret's Church, sturdy dry stone walls, and the gently rolling hills. The artwork beautifully captures the serene ambiance of the winter landscape, evoking a sense of tranquility and rural beauty.


  1. Artist: Stacey Moore is the artist who created the original artwork from which the open edition prints are reproduced.

  2. Hand Signed: Each print in the open edition is signed by the artist's hand, usually in pencil, to authenticate the print. 

  3. Archival Quality: The prints are created using high-quality materials to ensure their longevity. The use of archival quality fine art paper and archival pigment ink helps the prints resist fading and deterioration, making them last for at least 75 years or more under proper care.

  4. Reproduction of Pencil Marks: The fine art paper used for the prints allows for the reproduction of the original pencil marks from the original drawing. This helps capture the details and intricacies of the original artwork, giving the prints a closer resemblance to the original.

Mounted Print:

Small Size: 12" x 12" £50

Large Size 18" x 18" £160

Description: These prints are mounted in a double mount and come with a backing board. They are wrapped in cellophane, making them ready for framing.

Standard Frame: Oak / White / Black

Small Size: 14" x 14" £80

Large Size: 20: x 20" £210

Description: This option includes a standard frame in your choice of oak, white, or black. The framed picture comes with a double mount surround, is sealed, and has a string attached for easy hanging on the wall.

Premium Frame: Bevelled Black / White

Small Size: 15.5" x 15.5" £110

Large Size: 21.5" x 21.5" £300

Description: The premium frame option offers a more upscale choice with a bevelled black or white frame. Like the standard frame, the premium framed picture also comes with a double mount surround, is sealed, and has a string for straightforward wall mounting.