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Snowy Dales Highland Retreat Original Drawing

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Step into the tranquil beauty of the Yorkshire Dales with this new drawing, a majestic Highland cow stands proudly in the midst of a serene winter wonderland. The rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales are blanketed in pristine, powdery snow, creating a breathtaking backdrop for this heartwarming scene. The Highland cow, known for its rugged charm and gentle disposition, exudes an aura of maternal warmth as she watches over her adorable snow dusted calves. This artwork celebrates the enduring bond between nature, family, and the serene beauty of the Yorkshire Dales in winter.

For collectors and art enthusiasts, the artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, assuring the piece's genuineness and origin, providing valuable insights into the work's creation by Stacey's hand. Additionally, flexible framing options allow owners to personalize its presentation, choosing from standard black, white, or oak frames, or premium bevel black or white frames, each complementing the artwork's beauty.

Size 21inch x 21inch (approx size depeding on frame choice)