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Swan Lake Original Drawing

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Introducing 'Swans Lake: Whispers of Love'

Step into a serene winter wonderland as you behold this new drawing, which unveils the enchanting beauty of two swans, their graceful forms gliding effortlessly across the pristine expanse of a snow-covered lake. Against the backdrop of this hushed, snow-blanketed landscape, the swans' elegance and poise seem to transcend reality, creating a scene where the very essence of love appears to be whispered, echoing softly in the tranquil embrace of a winter's day.

For collectors and art enthusiasts, the artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, assuring the piece's genuineness and origin, providing valuable insights into the work's creation by Stacey's hand. Additionally, flexible framing options allow owners to personalize its presentation, choosing from standard black, white, or oak frames, or premium bevel black or white frames, each complementing the artwork's beauty.

Size 21inch x 21inch (approx size depeding on frame choice)